Ping 2 Coming to Wii U With a Little Help From You?

Ping the 8 bit puzzle game for Android and the distant relative of Pong will hopefully be making an appearance on the Wii U with a helping hand from crowd funding.

The developer Christopher Arnold tweeted:

“I’m officially a Nintendo Wii U Developer. I just got approved today. -Dream Achieved at Age 22.- Look forward to #Ping2 coming to Wii U”

We can’t help but do a big ‘ol cheesy grin that this guys dream came true at such a young age, props to Nintendo for taking young developers seriously.

Christopher also explained why so far it’s been an Android only game, saying:

“The reason #Ping1 just hasn’t been ported to iOS is because I wrote the game from scratch in Java… and part of it relies on #Android…”

The current version of Ping has 72 playable levels, plenty to keep you entertained while you wait for it’s console release, no launch date mention yet!