Rumours suggesting Amazon may begin to manufacture their own brand of smartphone have been circulating for some time now with no clear indication whether it’s true. In the past few days however a new rumour has appeared stating that Amazon are not only planning to launch their own smartphone but give it away for free.

The latest rumour comes from who claims “people familiar with Amazon’s efforts” have said that the company is looking into how to offer the device completely free without the need for a contract. Obviously this sort of offer won’t come without some sort of string attached.

One example could be that, similar to the Kindle Fire, Amazon’s smartphone could only use Amazon’s services. Need music? Amazon. Want books? Amazon. Hell even Amazon’s own app store is slowly getting better. Another requirement could be that an Amazon Prime subscription could be needed. Finally another sources are suggesting that Amazon may be releasing their phone similar to the way Google Play sell their Nexus devices.

Details are pretty sparse right now and may or may not be at all true. So grab your salt.

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