So usually with sequels comes more characters, so isn’t it just lucky that the Avengers has one of the biggest team roosters in the Marvel Universe?With that being said, who should be next? Well we all know Black Panther should be there, obviously, but I have a few other choices that people haven’t considered.

I’ve made some choices that consider what the team is missing.

msmarvelMs. Marvel/Captain Marvel: Carol Danvers is one the strongest female character comics ever. She has strength levels which can match Thor and has the power of flight that’s quicker the Iron Man as well. Did I mention she has the ability to absorb energy? We need tough girls with adaptable powers in The Avengers

Spider-Woman: Spider-Woman is no relation to Spider-man if that’s what you were wondering. Imagine a spy with super powers ranging from strength, flight, energy blasts and pheromone manipulation, she can also tie in with Hyrdra thanks her early relationship with the organisation.

Power Man (Luke Cage): He probably was in the SHIELD trailer but I still think Luke Cage deserves a chance at the big leagues. Think of him as the grounded guy. He comes from the streets and has an average life style, but it just happens that his skin is un-breakable.

nova-1Nova (Sam Alexander): The son of the great Nova Corps is just getting started out in the hero business. The human rocket as he can be known has great power, he has an understanding of responsibility and really wants to be on a super team. Should we grant his wish?

The Vision: The resident robot of the team was created by Ultron. So there is a logical tie in here. The Vision could be created as one of Ultron’s inventions that soon realises he’s hitting for the wrong team. He has the ability to alter his density which makes him a pesky foe.

So now we come to my wildcard choices. I don’t think this would happen, ever.

Miles Morales (Ultimate Spider-man): Sony is gripping the Spider-man franchise with firm hands. So could their be a legal loophole in which we can see a new (and I mean new) version of Spider-man on screen ?

Think I’m missed someone? Leave a comment below and let me know who you think should be in the Avengers 2.

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The Wasp and Ant-Man!!!