It was revealed back at E3 that players will see the return of Commander Mode, previously of Battlefield 2, in Battlefield 4. EA have now given us more details about what to expect from the gameplay mechanic.

In a blog post EA have announced how Commander Mode will be adapted and updated for the upcoming Battlefield title, Battlefield 4, due for release on October 29.

The post begins by covering the old version of Commander Mode, which was a massively popular game mode developed by DICE to give players an overview of the battle and effect the game outside of the traditional FPS genre.

Old mock-up of the Commander Mode screen in BF2

There was an issue with the Commander Mode in BF2 however, a problem that DICE have acknowledged and rectified in the upcoming Commander Mode model. In the old version a player could switch between Commander Mode and on the ground gameplay, which inevitably led to selfish players looking out for themselves on the tactics board and ignoring their team mates somewhat.

This will not be the case in BF4 and the player that takes the Commander hot seat will have to remain there until the game finishes, they cannot jump between game modes.
In terms of features and logistics of the Commander Mode DICE categorised elements into three categories, a basic palette of assets, the squad loop and the main Commander assets loop.

Firstly the basic palette of tools include things like UAVs, so ground troops can identify enemies, EMPs, to block opponents radar, and Cruise Missile Warning, which will give players on the ground a heads up when a missile strike is coming their way, so they can evacuate the area.

The coolest feature from the basic palette however is the High Value Targets tool. This will allow a Commander to highlight especially dangerous players to the entire game. Once a player has a kill streak of six or more the Commander can select the player and thus give an order to his team to take him out. The player will appear on the radar for a selected period whilst a team hunts him, as an incentive those who take out the HVT will be given bonus points, likewise the HVT gains extra points for kills whilst he has been selected.

Squad Loop features are assets that your will directly affect and aid your squad on the ground, this is through things like vehicle drops, cutting spawn times or dropping supplies. Squad loop assets will be taken from the Squad Assets bar, which will be earned through a similar way as Field Upgrades for your squad.

Each squad asset will cost a different amount and a patient Commander that waits until the bar is full will be able to use the most expensive asset.

New and shiny GIF showing off what Commander Mode will look like in BF4

Finally is main Commander assets loop, which will see Commanders deploy tools to directly influence the game themselves. At disposal from this section is the launching of cruise missiles to wipe out enemies in a vicinity; two different map scans, which will highlight enemy units for a long time period and; the AC-130 Gunship, which provides ground support through a multitude of weapons and become a mobile spawn point for friendly troops.

These three sections of gameplay will run parallel to each other, but the latter two are considered two different ecosystems, whilst the first, the basic palettes, will be available across both loops.

What really is impressive about this Commander Mode is its cross platform nature. It can even be played on a tablet, for real life games being played either on a PC or a console.

Essentially this game mode will turn Battlefield 4 into a game that has the high quality FPS game in one sense but players can also enjoy an RTS style game if they are not in the mood for a straight up gunfight.

As always I would love to hear your opinion on Commander Mode, is there any fans from BF2 who can’t wait to get their hands on the updated version? Or is anyone sceptical about the idea and will be avoiding Commander Mode as much as possible?

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