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So yesterday I had the privilege to attend the Eurogamer Expo in London’s Earl Court and I hadn’t been inside the large exhibition centre five minutes before I was in the queue for Battlefield 4.

The game was one that immediately stood out to me when the games list was announced so I wanted to head in and give it a play before the lines became completely unreasonable.

EA’s stand was showing off online multiplayer and all of the players at the stand were thrown into the same game. There were two different game types that one could queue for, there was ‘Conquest’, which players from previous Battlefield titles will recognise, and ‘Obliteration’, which is one of the new game modes for BF4.

I chose Obliteration, I guess I wanted to see all the shiny newness in all of its glory. The game mode centres around a bomb, which will randomly spawn somewhere on the map throughout the game. Players must then pick up the bomb and destroy three enemy objectives.

There is only one bomb on the map at any one time, meaning that teams can go from the offensive to the defensive in a matter of seconds. This was the main appeal of this game type, as the unstable nature of the game mode meant that gameplay was fast and fluid.

Battlefield 4 map

I noticed that there were no spawn point for this game mode, there was not the conventional ‘deployment’ option from the spawn screen, if you did not spawn on a squad mate you parachuted into the action.

Whilst on the spawn menu I’ll start with the new aspects of the game that I noticed. The spawn screen has been tweaked slightly and loadouts now appearing at the top of the screen and the map overview being larger and centered on the screen, which is a welcome change.

To spawn on a squad mate you now select them from the map itself, moving between choices by moving left or right, rather than selecting them from a menu on the left of the spawn screen. Again this is a nice improvement as it makes the spawning process a more visual process.

In terms of in game gameplay changes there was not a lot to scream and shout about really, as I mentioned the game was played with a high tempo, a style which epitomises online multiplayer within the Battlefield series.

Battlefield 4

Honestly running around the map and engaging in contact with opponents feels very similar to Battlefield 3, which surprised me, I was expecting some tweaks to the actual gameplay mechanics, of which there was not many.

Of course this is not to say that I did not enjoy playing Battlefield 4, it is not like there is anything glaringly wrong with the gameplay mechanics of BF3, it has been one of my favourite titles released in the last couple of years, it’s just that I came to the table expecting something new.

There is however a noticeable change to the screen that shows up after you have been killed. This comes as you can see the enemy that killed you from a more revealing camera angle than BF3, so much so that you may actually discern where you have been killed from, rather than trying to guess the enemies placement from a close up shot.

The map that was playable at Eurogamer was Zavod 311, which is set at a tank manufacturing plant in the forest, a lot of the tanks dotted around the map where not useable but did provide good cover.

It did all feel like a DLC more than a cutting edge new title however. Of course it would be completely unfair to brand the whole game with this term however, as I was able to play one game type for 20 minutes. I am sure once I have time to tweak loadouts and explore the game in some detail new features will become a lot more apparent, this is a “hands-on” review however, the nature of which requires a quick opinion on the product, and this quick opinion is that there was nothing revolutionary that stood out to me.

Despite this my excitement for the game’s release has not quelled and it is a game I am still excited for, there were a lot of new features that I know of that were not accessible at Eurogamer, Commander Mode for example, and I am eager to explore these features in more detail.

Where you at Eurogamer? Did you have a play of BF4? If so let me know what you think in the comments section below, and as usual keep it n3rdabl3 for all the latest developments with Battlefield 4.

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“The only noticeable addition to gameplay was the ability to ‘scout’ opposition players, you could do this by clicking RB whilst looking at an enemy, thus alerting team mates to the presence of the opposition player.”

Which was in the last series as 3D spotting…


You claim it felt like the last game, but you hadn’t played the last game enough to notice it had the spotting feature?

Josh T
Josh T

I was at Eurogamer Friday-Saturday but could not go upstairs (I’m 16) however I did play around an hour and a half of CoD Ghosts split around 45 minutes each between the XBone and PC and I have to say, I was having a lot of fun. I played Domination on Chasm and TDM matches on Strike Zone and I was kicking peoples arses with the XBone (30-17) with the Honey Badger. One thing I noticed was after someone had set off a pointstreak ( A sort of nuke ) is that the map actually changed (Strike Zone). The buildings… Read more »


I for one, am going to pass on buying this latest edition of Battlefield. I cannot justify spending 70$ or 60$… whatever it is, on new maps and gameplay that is so similar to the last game that the hacks port straight over into it. I strongly dislike hackers. Letting your computer make shots (aimbot), Illegally Identify enemies (IFF’s), make you bulletproof, and a myriad of other in game “God” abilities during a live match doesn’t make you a good player or a better player. It makes you look weak, both in integrity and actual ability. Just an opinion. Its… Read more »