Do you remember the tail end of the 90s?  I was about 8 or 7 and it’s probably the youngest age I can remember really clearly. The times I watched TV I mean of course. I had great times watching vintage Power Rangers, Card Captors and Batman of the Future.

The premise of Batman of the Future (Or Batman Beyond as it can be known) follows the adventures of Terry McGinnis and an aged Bruce Wayne carrying on the war against crime in future Gotham City. So how is a young man of the future and this old chum connected?

Young Terry came from your average middle class family in Neo Gotham city (the original Gotham City, now a ruin). He had a mother, an annoying little brother called Matt and a scientist father.

After Terry got mixed up in the wrong crowd and was sent to “juvie” (to UK readers or those who don’t enjoy slang, that’s a correctional facility for youths). Terry got out but it put him at conflict with his father who at the time was working on projects for Wayne Powers.

You see by this point in the story Bruce is an elderly old man with no Alfred and very much alone giving up the Batman mantle when he almost used a gun. His beloved company taken over by a the evil Derek Powers creating Wayne-Powers and leaving Gotham free for the criminal taking.

144053-82775-terry-mcginnis_superAfter an argument with his father Terry storms out and meets his girlfriend Dana. Whilst out the two are chased by a gang of Jokerz (gangs inspired by the Joker) to an old mansion. Terry does the heroic thing lets Dana flee but ends up cornered. He’s rescued by an elderly Bruce and his trusty dog Ace.

Terry, whilst helping Bruce to take his medication he discovers the Batcave. Bruce promptly throws him out. Terry returns to find that his dad his been murdered and that Powers is responsible.

McGinnis returns to the Batcave and steals the high tech Batsuit, to the dismay of Wayne, who finally helps Terry on his mission and begins to train him as the next Batman.

I don’t know if the next bit is cannon but did you know this. Amanda Waller (DC’s Nick Fury) injected Terry’s dad with a fake flu shot that overrides his DNA with Bruces. Making Bruce, Terry and Matt’s biological father. Because the world needs a Batman.

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