You probably saw the title of this post and wondered “What does ‘BTAS’ mean?” It means Batman the Animated Series. Still not sure what I’m on about? Don’t you remember that 90’s Batman cartoon? If you do, do you remember that really tiny Robin? Well that’s what today’s post is going to be about. But if you don’t remember that Robin, I’ll fill you in.

In the late 90s the Batman Animated Series went through a design change. Characters were re-designed and Gotham looked a lot more modern. The animation became slicker and more fluid and the title had ‘new’ added to it. Along with this update came an emphasis on the Bat family.

Already Dick Grayson had become Nightwing, leaving the Robin spot open so cue the writing in of Tim Drake. This version of Robin is a mix of Jason Todd (anger and back story) and Tim Drake (smart).

So to begin Tim’s dad is in deep with Two Face and eventually crosses swords with Batman. Tim is an agile street hoodlum who is bought into the fold after his dad is murdered in one of Two Face’s schemes. From here Bruce sees himself in Tim and trains him to become the new Robin along the way Tim meets Superman and apparently was on his own version of the Teen Titans (a scrapped Justice League tie-in).

Then things went wrong.

Tim was kidnapped by the Joker and through various brainwashing and surgery techniques was turned in the Jokers twisted ‘son’ and through torture he even revealed Batman’s alter ego. Tim eventually kills his ‘dad’ (the Joker) after he prepares to murder Batman, eventually Drake was restored back to normal and Bruce forbid him becoming Robin ever again which is why Tim and Bruce became estranged.

Years later the Joker re-appeared and took on the new Batman, Terry McGinnis.

Eventually it was revealed an elderly and still emotionally scarred Tim Drake is being used as a human timeshare with a cybernetic implant containing the Jokers personality.

Terry eventually destroys the timeshare Joker and Tim rebuilds bridges with Bruce and even aided in running Wayne Enterprises though he refuses to get involved with cape and cowl side of the business.

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