There’s a strange use of religion in comics. It seems that everyone’s okay with a representation of the devil or similar representations in different religions but it’s different for the good guys. God or anyone considered to be a figurehead of religion is a taboo. Strange really.

Why am I talking about the devil? Well do you know what the devil did for Mr Parker? It all began back when Peter Parker revealed his identity publicly on TV. This was in aid of Tony Stark’s scheme of having all superheroes registered and monitored as part of the superhuman registration act  – what could go wrong?

Well J. Jonah Jameson sued Peter Parker for misleading where he’d been getting his exclusive Spider-man pictures from. Peter was alienated from his friends, he became an outlaw after he switched sides in the debate, oh and a cross crime lord know as the Kingpin had Aunt May shot.

One more day

Thankfully she survived but the clock was ticking on what remained of her life.

Things were looking pretty bad for Peter. He went to every super powered chum he ever made for help but sadly none had a way of helping Aunt May. Eventually Mephisto the head demon of the underworld offered his help in return for a high price – the love of Peter and Mary Jane. A relationship that many believed writers had to tired to end for many years.

Peter and Mary Jane agreed to save Aunt May’s life. Mephisto used his powers to change reality and create a reaction; Peter and Mary Jane never got married, they only lived together, eventually broke up and Mary Jane moved away to LA to pursue a modelling career.

Spider-man’s identity was still out there but no one could remember it clearly and anyone who had known his identity had forgotten including all his super pals.

The resulting change was explained with Spider-man going to Doctor Strange, Iron Man and Reed Richards who pooled their skills and resources to erase any knowledge of his identity. This became know as the One more Day story event which also returned Harry Osborn from the dead.

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