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Ubisoft, the publishers behind the likes of Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag have surprised the gaming world by announcing their new title Child of Light, their very first JRPG.

Yes, like SEGA with Condemned but in reverse, Ubisoft and turned from gritty, bloody, FPS action to calming, soft, RPG elements. After the completion of Far Cry 3 Lead Writer Patrick Plourde had said he would like to do something different revealing Child of Lights name by accident when he said he was working on a 2D JRPG. However During Ubisoft’s digital day expo Child of Light was given its debut allowing the press to play through a few levels and interviewing some of the developers.


Child of Light is said to be coming out on PS4, Xbox One, Wii U and PC. It’s going to be a turned based JRPG with along with puzzles and platforming to keep it interesting, much like Valkyrie profile. Supposedly there is minimal voice acting but when there is, it’s all done in rhymes, which sounds very neat and pleasant to the ear. For those that are downloading the game it will be quite a big file, no exact size has been specified other than that, however, Plourde did state that there will be 10-15 hours of story, challenges and extras for new game plus modes.

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Production of the game has been sped up by the UbiArt Framework; this is an in house art system that takes concept art made by artist and are thrown into game, something that works brilliantly and I’m thankful is around due to years of loving concept art. Child of Light is a surprising turn but from the looks of it this will be beautifully welcomed.

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