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Image Credit to Sam Howzit

I assume Bruce Campbell is someone I’m supposed to really like, kinda of like everyone’s love for Nathan Fillion. Whilst reading a foreword for a book by Campbell he gave me an idea. He talked about how comics is the best medium for storytelling because you can go anywhere, there are no fussy actors, special effect limits or budget issues, just you transferring your imagination onto the page.

Over the years there have been many great franchises and project in TV and film which have not been completely tied up. Take Firefly for example, this was continued in places as a comic book, the same goes for Star Trek as it wrapped up the Borg arc. It’s also given Dredd a new home since it didn’t make enough cash for a sequel.

So on that note here are a couple of TV shows, films, and games I think should be continued as comics failing a revival in their medium.

Stargate: I’ll agree many of the big plot points were tied up in SG1, but I’d be interested to see what happened to the Retu or how come the Furlings disappeared or is they ever took care of the Lucian Alliance. Also look at how Universe finished. The crew in suspended animation which they may or not come out of.

The Guyver: Based on a Japanese superhero franchise The Guyver was series of two films in the 90’s. Think R-rated Power Rangers. Apparently before the rights went back to the Japanese owners, David Hayter (of Metal Gear Solid) had plans for a third film. The studio may have lost faith in the franchise but it could make a good comic.

Devil May Cry: For the last six months I have been briefed by a solid fan of the original Dante as well as how DmC is an abomination. How Devil May Cry 4 had it’s original purpose convoluted and cut and that DmC is poor copy and an new property wearing old Dantes skin. So since Capcom won’t invest in the old franchise because it doesn’t balance the books, would a comic be more sound?

What cancelled movie sequel, TV Series, or even video game do you think would make an awesome return as a comic? Why not leave a comment below!

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