The creators of the Burnout series, Criteron games, staff team has now been watered down to only sixteen employees, those who are not part of Criteron games have now formed a new studio that is now known as Ghost Games U.K. Today, through Tweets, Alexander Ward has explained the situation to fans.

Approximately 80 percent of the staff in Ghost Games will be working on a new Need for Speed instalment, Need for Speed: Rivals. Those that remain in Criterion games will be working on a new unannounced project. Alexander Ward still remains as the directive creator for Criterion and was the one who announced that sixteen employees remain at Criterion, also announcing the birth of Ghost Games for those that are no longer with Criterion.

To further confirm this claim Marcus Nilsson, the producer for Ghost Games, stated and confirmed Ghost Games will be working on Rivals and the entire Need for Speed franchise from now on.

“Ghost is now leading Need for Speed and there will certainly be some announcements about how that will evolve and work in the near future,” Nilsson said. “Criterion is doing something else, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help us on this.”

This may be considered sad news for fans of the Need for Speed franchise and also some might worry if a team of sixteen can work on a game, however, if a team of eight can make Silent Hill 3 surely a team of Sixteen can make something great.

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