Deal of the Day | Post-Talk Like A Pirate Day Daily Deal on Steam

Yaarrrgghhh. It be thee day after Talk Like A Pirate Day but the sale ship is still sailing on Steam offering some fantastical discounts on pirate themed games, yarrr, savin’ yerself some dubloons!

Yarr ye heard right matey! Head to the island of Steam to save 75% on pirate themed booty.. Okay, I can’t keep this up.. Time to write normally. Yes, you heard right. Steam is currently holding a Talk Like A Pirate themed sale giving you the chance to grab titles like Sid Meier’s Pirates!Jolly RoverZombie PiratesPort Royale 3, and The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition for as little as £0.87

Now grab your eye patch, wooden leg, and parrot and head to the Steam page right now to save yourself come cash!

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