Deal of the Day | Save 70% on the X-COM Collection at Green Man Gaming

The X-COM franchise was a long running franchise since the early 90’s when X-COM: Enemy Unknown or UFO: Enemy Unknown was released for the Sony PlayStation. Sadly 2001 was when the last X-COM game was released with X-COM: Genesis and X-COM: Alliance subsequently cancelled. In 2012 2K Games bought the franchise back to life with a re-make of the 1993 version of X-COM: Enemy Unknown and has been going strong ever since.

If you want to take a trip through turn based X-COM history yourself you should head to Green Man Gaming who are holding a 70% sale on the entire X-COM Collection which features:

  • XCOM Enemy Unknown (2012 version)
  • Elite Soldier Pack
  • Slingshot Content Pack
  • XCOM: Terror from the Deep
  • XCOM: Apocalypse
  • XCOM: Interceptor
  • XCOM: UFO Defense
  • XCOM: Enforcer

It’s a package that’s definitely worth picking up. Originally priced at £42.99 you can pick this collection up for only £12.89. Head to Green Man Gaming to grab this deal.

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