Deal of the Day | Save 75% on Omerta City of Gangsters at Gamers Gate

If you’re into films like Gangster Squad, Lawless, and Bugsy Malone, TV Shows like the Soprano’s and Boardwalk Empire, then you’ll probably be a fan of Omerta City of Gangsters, a pretty decent real-time strategy/gangster simulation game from Kalypso Media which you can now grab for only £7.49 on Gamers Gate.

Omerta City go Gangsters puts you in the boots of a “fresh-off-the-boat” immigrant looking for a slice of the pie known as the American Dream. You’ll find yourself working your way up from nothing in 1920’s Atlantic City, starting at the bottom and slowly working your way up the ranks to become the ruler of Atlantic City.

If that sounds right up your street like our editor Ollie, then you’ll be pleased to know you can grab the game with a neat 75% saving, that makes Omerta City of Gangsters only £7.49. Sadly however, this is only for the PC version of the title.

Omerta City of Gangsters on Gamers Gate.



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