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In an extensive blog post EA have released some details about how Battlefield’s stat tracking system, Battlelog, will work in conjunction with Battlefield 4.

Battlelog was first introduced to the franchise two years ago with the release of Battlefield 3. It seems that it is a concept that EA want to make bigger and better for the latest addition to the series however.

In the last game if you were playing on a console Battlelog was very much a separate entity, you had to log on online to utilise its features and view your recent stats.

In Battlefield 4 it seems that this will change however, as one of the main features that will be added to Battlelog for BF4 is the ability to access the detailed statistics through an in-game overlay.

This will be a big step forward, as the lack of in-game integration was a big loss in Battlefield 3, it resulted in the more dedicated players using the service exclusively.

With the feature being able to be utilised in-game even casual gamers who do not have the desire to extend their gaming experience past their console.

The other big addition to the feature for BF4 will be the ability of players to create missions for them and their friends.

These missions will be based around objectives outside of the specific game type objectives and will act as a point of pride amongst buddies.

It is a nice away to add a new competitive angle amongst your friends and will allow you to compete with each other, even if you are not all online at the same time.

Personally it is these two aspects that I see as the main changes to the Battlelog system however there have been a raft of other design and functionality updates for the upcoming release of BF4.

In general terms EA seem to be trying to make the Battlelog more of an active companion to BF4 and with integration to mobile platforms it seems they want to push an idea of BF4 having a truly connected and interwoven existence across numerous platforms.

Battlefield 4 is due for release on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 29.

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