Dinsey Introduce New Toy Boxes to Disney Infinity Including “Toy Columbia” from BioShock Infinite

Dinsey Introduce New Toy Boxes to Disney Infinity Including “Toy Columbia” from BioShock Infinite - n3rdabl3

Disney Interactive  has announced that it’s bringing five new themed levels to Disney Infinity’s Toy Box mode. These are loosely based on franchises like Tron and strangely, 2K Games’ BioShock Infinite.

These Toy Box levels are available for free to download right now and include five different levels created by the team at Avalanche Software. They include:

  • Toy Columbia, a level loosely based around the floating city of the same name found in BioShock Infinite complete with Carl’s floating house from the movie UP.
  • Trench Run tasks players with navigating a Tron Recogniser around a Tron themed trench.
  • Jungle Cruise is a track based on the Disney attraction and is set on the Nile River, you’ll also probably spot some familiar Disney landmarks in there too.
  • Sky Gauntlet looks like an impossible platformer based in the sky where you’re going to have to navigate through various different obstacles, moving platforms, and swinging hammers.
  • Blue Breakout Maze is a dark blue maze which you’re required to break out of. Again, this looks just as impossible and frustrating as the Sky Gauntlet.

The origin of these levels has stirred things up a little, mostly because of the inclusion of Toy Columbia, something which clearly isn’t a Disney IP.

Disney Infinity executive producer John Vignocchi spoke out on Twitter and explained that the levels are user-generated content put together by Avalanche Software, the developers behind Disney Infinity and not worlds built by the studio itself. A little later he also tweeted that “The team wanted to inspire the community to see the types of things they can build,”.

Check out the video above which features a quick snippet of each level courtesy of All Games Beta. As well as some screens found below.