A video of an eleven year old French boy losing his freakin’ marbles upon receiving an early release copy of GTA V is currently doing the rounds on the interwebs, as reported by Kotaku.

Reactions to the video amongst the people of the internet have varied from finding it absolutely pant-wettingly hilarious, which it is, to loudly calling out the child’s parents for letting him get an R-rated game in the first place, begging the question of whether any of them ever played or watched anything which they were technically too young for.

Having played the GTA series since its glorious PSX incarnation many moons ago, I for one set about gleefully running down groups of Hare Krishnas and setting cops alight with my 32-bit flame thrower. To this day I’ve never set fire to a policeman. Anyone would think that video game violence doesn’t automatically make the youth of today into soulless, heart-eating killers, but that can’t be right ’cause I heard the opposite on Fox news.

However, in the case of a boy who is clearly already mental, (did you see the bit where he held the game up to his face like he was trying to absorb it? What you doin’ kid, trying to play the game by osmosis?) perhaps Grand Theft Auto is not the way to go – I hear there might be a new Viva Pinata in the works.

For now, let’s thank the Gods that the internet exists to document people’s insanity – every job interview, college interview, or first date this poor benighted infant attends will be coloured by the fear that the person he’s meeting has seen the video, therefore knowing that he’s the sort of little weirdo who pissed his pants well into his teens.

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Robin's been writing professionally since before he could grow a beard - now he's got a big one. He has an abiding love of retro gaming and schooling American teenagers on Xbox live. He spends half of his time performing hatred based stand up comedy, a great deal of which you can read on his blog, if you're that way inclined.

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