Eurogamer Attendees In For A Pirate Treat!

Eurogame Expo 2013 is only a day away and attendees are in for a treat if they visit Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag stand. Gamers could possibly receive a very mysterious playing card. Mysterious in the fact that it’s not clear what exactly it’s use is yet… Classic Ubisoft.

When visiting the Expo, you can expect to play three different levels and judging from last years Expo the levels will be one on board the Jackdaw, where players can experience a new and improved  dynamic to the sea faring side of Assassin’s Creed. The other will be a mission where you can experience the deadly skills of Edward Kenway, a Pirate trained by Assassin’s. And the third, and this is an educated guess based on the set up last year is that it will be a combination of both of the levels, maybe based around a fort? We will have to see.

The ‘Ace of Spades’ card is designed for Ubisoft by talented illustrator, Vic Lee. The cards are on a first come first serve basis and there has been no information as to how many there are. Mysterious. Recently I have seen playing cards floating around twitter, all of which appear to an ace of spades. The people who have received them, were informed by email that they should expect something in the post and the mystery surrounding the cards was just as apparent as it is now.

People who haven’t yet had a chance to pre-order Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag can do so at the Expo, through GAME and doing so will also receive a limited edition print by Vic Lee. Which I’m sure will be very nice.

With Eurogamer only days away, make sure you check back here at n3rdabl3 for all the goings on. We’ll be getting hands on with a bunch of games, as well as interviews with developers. Also follow our twitter and instagram for quick snipits of the Expo right at your finger tips.

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