We’ve come a long way in gaming. When the first video game consoles to hit our television screens and gave us the like of Pong we were glued to the screen for hours watching two bars smack a little dot for points. As time progressed so did our technology and we were presented with newer and more powerful consoles, ever expanding the human imagination that we put into video games. From 8-bit pixels to rendered polygons you’d think it was a student’s amateur film, it truly is fascinating how the graphical and fun side to games have evolved. Evoland is one such game that presents the very growth of it and it does it very well.

Evoland focuses more on the Fantasy, Adventure and RPG genre of gaming, which sounds fair as that had the most influential and memorable games around at the time, which Evoland references many times and if you know your stuff you’ll be able to spot them right away.  The game begins with you, the protagonist, inside a forest wandering aimlessly on some linear path before you actually discover an objective/storyline. You now have a purpose for advancing in the quest.


Evoland quickly evolves in front of your eyes through finding chests which give you improvements to the games, graphically and technically, you will find them frequently during the first part of the game but later on they will be quite few to obtain.

Evolands story is quite generic but has all the ingredients needed to make one. A hero named Clink, a dark power awakening after a long slumber, and the rest is pretty much self-explanatory.

The gameplay of Evoland varies constantly taking such mechanics from the Legend of Zelda series, back in the early Nintendo console days, to Final Fantasy and Diablo. However Evoland mainly focuses on Final Fantasy’s turn ATB (Active Time Battle) system with Zelda’s gameplay coming up a close second. The Diablo section of the game is very short lived and the items you receive are mainly jokes than actually boost to your stats. The enemies vary but not that much, depending on what game style you’re currently playing. I can say it is nice to re-live these game mechanics and the switch between them keeps you on your feet and allows you to adapt to that type of play style.

The only flaws I have encountered with Evoland is that it’s very linear up until near the end of the game you have the option to backtrack to previously visited areas with ease rather than walk but there is really nothing to go back to unless you want to collect all the cards and stars. Playing the ATB system is nice but I feel it was too much of a main focus of gameplay and then Diablo’s dungeoneering section was far too short for me to enjoy and the fact it was playable only once.

Despite these small flaws Evoland is wonderful game filled with nostalgia and enjoyment. It’s short game but I feel it more of a showcase of evolution that an actual game itself either way it’s fun and has a great sense of humour, something I would highly recommend this.

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