Final Fantasy Type-0

Final Fantasy XIII AgitoSquare Enix has announced Final Fantasy Agito, a new addition to the ever-expanding JRPG series. Coming to iOS and Android devices, Final Fantasy Agito will be free-to-play.

A retelling of PSP title Final Fantasy Type-0 from the perspective of new characters, Agito utilises smartphone capabilities to introduce new gameplay mechanics.

The game proceeds in realtime with the story told in two week long chapters. When all the chapters have been completed the game ends, but a new story begins. With each new cycle the story and the decisions to be made will be slightly different. Actions made in one cycle will alter things in the next.

Final Fantasy Agito features both solo-play and team-play. In solo-play the objective is to complete personal missions, whereas team-play is about bringing powerful bosses to their knees.

The developers claim that the game is fun even if you don’t spend real money on in-game boosts, such as items to refill ‘active force’ rather than wait for it to recharge between missions.

Final Fantasy Agito is set to arrive this winter.

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