happy wars

Soon enough the Xbox Live Arcade is going to offer more and more free-to-play titles. First we saw a cutesy little multiplayer brawler by the name of of Happy Wars, then Ubisoft released Spartacus Legends, a bad ass one versus one gladiator game, not to mention the various Doritos sponsored games available. The one issue that everyone has however is the need to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription, but that may not be the case for too long.

From now until Friday 20th of September you can play Happy Wars for free without the need for a Gold subscription, you’ll get the full experience that everyone else has without having to spend a penny.

With the developers of games like Warframe, World of Tanks Xbox 360 Edition, and even the subscription based Elder Scrolls Online pushing for Microsoft to allow everyone, not just Gold subscribers, to play their games, could this be Microsoft testing the waters or just a case of offering a pretty sweet game for free to encourage more Gold subscribers? I hope it’s the former, but chances are it’s the latter.

Either way, with Games with Gold offering up some pretty neat titles like Magic 2012 and Rainbow Six: Vegas absolutely free to those who have a live subscription there’s more than enough to part ways with £5.99 each month.

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