homeworldFans of the 1999 space real time strategy game, Homeworld, will be pleased to know that Gearbox have leant the IP to the developers of the game’s spiritual successor, Hardware: Shipbreakers along with use of financial and production resources, making Hardware: Shipbreakers officially a Homeworld title.

The game will now also officially take on the Homeworld name now making it Homeworld: Shipbreakers as part of the deal signed by Gearbox and Shipbreakers developer Blackbird Interactive. Also in the deal Gearbox Software will help the developers complete the game with the help of the games resources and much needed financial support.

Speaking with Polygon at PAX Randy Pitchford said:

“These guys have been funded by private equity, but it’s clear it was going to take many millions of dollars more, we’re giving them the brand and the resources to make this happen. Now, these guys are cooking and with the money they have now, they can grow the team.”

Gearbox initially acquired Homeworld in THQ’s bankruptcy auction in May with a massive $1.35 million bid. Blackbird also tried to acquire the IP but lost out to Gearbox.

“Hardware, in all respects, was Homeworld,” Cunningham told Polygon. “It looked, sounded and felt the same, but we wanted to take that style and experience further. When [Gearbox] acquired the property, it coincided with when we needed to find a partner.”

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