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Recently at PAX Prime Gearbox Software president Randy Pitchford professed to attendees that his company would be working towards two completely original Next-gen games. Unfortunately, no other details were released, so thanks, Randy.

Just Kidding.

This statement at PAX isn’t too surprising though, because in July Pichford mentioned via a Nerdist Podcast that it did not have any current-generation games planned for release, but they were working on one new Next-gen IP.

The cool part is, if you like to participate Gearbox’s Community Day taking place on September 14th, you can possibly get beta access to one of those unannounced next-gen games through a cool promotion. How can you participate? Well, this year it’ll be streamed live via Twitch, and if you so choose to purchase a “digital bonus pack” you’ll get shift codes for Borderlands 2, a free copy of Homeworld HD, a hi-def stream of the Community Day in 2013, and of course access to a closed beta coming soon for one of the aforementioned next-gen IP’s.

Want more info? Head here.

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