An animated discussion about DC

So we’ve got a new Batman. Whether you love the decision about Ben Affleck being Batman I think there’s one suitable name for this story. Batfleck. We had Benifier now we have this.

Even though it’s been a short period of time it feels like the dialogue on this event is spent. So don’t worry their will be no fanboy rage or balanced fanboy discussion on this event today.

But let’s face it. DC really needs a better plan for their cinematic universe because at the moment it feels like DC is a schoolboy copying Marvels homework. But don’t fret I’m here to act as the inspiring teacher to prevent all this blatant copying.

The thing that mostly separates DC and Marvel is their ability to zig while the other zags. Marvel buries and their aging continuity while DC reboots and revitalises it. DC has a strong history of using sidekicks to draw in younger readers whereas Marvel creates original groups of younger heroes.

And while Marvel excels at live action features films, DC comes up good with animation. It’s true, even back in the 60s when Marvel used glorified early slideshow techniques for their cartoons DC went fully fledged and used moving animations. An even a more modern example is with the 90’s Batman cartoon which pushed the boundaries of children’s animation while Marvel safely stayed within it.

So I’ve test driven this theory within my friend circle and the response that I received was that the animation would lack the real life emotion live actions offers. So I pose the following questions:

Didn’t Toy Story 3 and Monster Inc. make you cry?

Didn’t Gohan’s transformation to Super Sayian 2 resonate with you and demonstrate the nature of rage?

Did Bob’s journey from flabby middle aged man back to hero inspire you and make you draw comparisons in your own life?

Do The Simpsons make you laugh at everyday situations shown in a absurd way?

So you tell me now that this isn’t a good idea. Look at the recent spate of DC animated movies and look at the ones Marvel have produced. DC’s work has more depth and emotion while Marvel’s feel like a dark shallow Saturday morning cartoon.

Think I talk nonsense go watch a couple of examples and get back to me in the comment’s below!

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Jenny from the Block

While I think animation can deliver the same emotional impact, I mean we saw this with the Incredibles if you want to stick with a similar genre, I do believe there is a certain stigma associated with animation, which does potentially limit your audience.

There are just some people who won’t see a “kiddy” “Cartoon” and DC doesn’t want any disadvantages in this race against Marvel.


Hey Jenny

You do have point there. I just think with DC’s track record of comics films outside of Batman they could risk being a bit (forgive the pun) brave and bold and take that risk. If you look at the 90’s and popularity of animation back then and how that young generation has grown I’d hope that stereotype may be a little thin on the ground.