screen-shot-2013-09-03-at-6-38-18-pmAfter last night’s announcement surrounding the next version of Android to be called KitKat, Google released a video of the momentous occasion that the new Android mascot was unpacked and erected onto the lawn of Google HQ. What they either overlooked, or purposely left in the video was one employee using a phone branded “Nexus” that no-one has ever seen before.

The video has been pulled since the reveal but not before various publications managed to grab a shot of the device, which also happens to be held up beside someone else holding the current generation Nexus 4. This mysterious Nexus device seemed to brandish the latest Nexus logo which can be found on the new Nexus 7, the phone in the video most certainly wasn’t a Nexus 7, so what exactly was it?

The device seems to be a more square handset than the previous Nexus 4 and looks a little bigger too. It appears to have a matte black finish with a glossy Nexus written vertically across the device. Finally it looks to have a larger camera, similar to that found on the HTC One, but this device also looks to be designed by LG, as it also has the logo located at the bottom.

Google hasn’t come forward with any statements other than pulling the video pretty much as soon as it was released which leads us to believe that this mysterious device could have, in fact been a preview of the next Nexus device, possibly the Nexus 5?

More on this as it develops.

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