Bump was probably one of the first apps I installed when my wife and I moved onto smartphones. The idea of bumping our fists together to sent a picture to one phone from another seemed like the coolest thing ever, until it didn’t work so well. Anyway, earlier this week Google purchased Bump which also included the companies other app, Flock.

The reason behind the acquisition is unclear but chances are we’ll probably soon see some of the features that the Bump app offered coming to Android, perhaps a “Bump to Share” feature found in the sharing option?

Bump announced the acquisition on their website earlier this week:

We’re excited to announce that the Bump team is joining Google!

Our mission at Bump has always been to build the simplest tools for sharing the information you care about with other people and devices.  We strive to create experiences that feel like magic, enabled behind the scene with innovations in math, data processing, and algorithms.  So we couldn’t be more thrilled to join Google, a company that shares our belief that the application of computing to difficult problems can fundamentally change the way that we interact with one another and the world.

Bump and Flock will continue to work as they always have for now; stay tuned for future updates.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to all of you who have used our products so far.  It continues to be a pleasure to serve you, and your feedback and evangelism inspire us every day.

David Lieb
CEO and cofounder

The Flock part of the acquisition is probably the most interesting. Flock is an app which automatically creates a geotag-based group of photo albums with your Facebook friends. With Android KitKat being for “everyone” perhaps there’s going to be a heavy influence of “friends” in the new version of Android.

Only time will tell but for now both the Bump and Flock apps will be working as normal with updates to follow.

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