The release of Grand Theft Auto IV is only five days away and we’ve just learned via GameInformer that Grand Theft Auto Online, the multiplayer portion of GTA V, will have over 500 missions for players to complete.

Grand Theft Auto Online is probably going to be the multiplayer title of the year. According to Rockstar this version of the game has been in the works since GTA III. The Online version of GTA can be played exactly how you want to play it. Choose the missions you want to choose, befriend the NPC’s you want to be friends with and choose who you want to let ‘in’ on your online escapades.

The main objective of GTA V Online is probably the same concept as most GTA titles, making money so you can buy assets like cars, weapons, and homes. Start from the bottom and work your way to the top of your criminal empire.

The game itself is populated dynamically but prioritises friends and members of your crew, then followed by people of a similar skill level. You can however choose exactly who you do and don’t want to play with so if anyone tries to grief – goodbye!

GTA V Sky-DivingAll of the missions and activities found in GTA V’s campaign will “mostly” be available in GTA Online including social activities like golf and tennis, to the more nitty gritty heists, bank robberies, and gang hideout raids. At the end of each mission, you or whoever has been appointed the leader of the crew gets to divvy out the spoils accordingly which opens up the possibility of being betrayed.

This also goes for getting robbed which can and probably will happen in GTA Online to it’s probably best to head to a bank every now and again to deposit your winnings. If you are the unfortunate victim of a robbery you can place a bounty on the guilty parties head.

For those concerned about getting attacked by random strangers online, there is a passive mode that can be activated making your online game a little more peacefull. This however is deactivated as soon as you fire your weapon.

NPC’s will also come in use offering certain upgrades in return for completing missions. Become bosom buddies with a techy and he’ll help you remain off other players radars, become besties with a biker gang will mean they may come to your aid when you’re in trouble. It’s the little things like this that’ll make GTA Online absolutely awesome.

Grand Theft Auto V will be available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on September 17 with GTA Online being made available as an extra download on October 1.

Head on over to CVG for a more concise list of features found in GTA Online!

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