It’s been a good 40+ hours of gameplay and no doubt at least 50% of people who are gamers right now are playing or reading about GTA V. So for both groups, James here from n3rdabl3 is going to give you a quick rundown of five of the funniest or most worthy random events. Where better to start than with number one.

Oh yeah before I do, spoilers! If you want to just enjoy your GTA experience without any outside influence flip away now because you’re going to find your game experience spoilt. Anyway where was I…

Click the map below for a closer look.

Los-Santos MAP final

1. The Candy Van

If you’re on the Grand Senora Desert Road at night then first of all you need to probably get a life and go find something more constructive to do. However its not a total loss being here. If you see a BF Surfer, think VW van, and you don’t want something very unpleasent to happen to you then keep on truckin’. Going to investigate though does bring a nice random event up. When you try to get in the vehicle a creepy little fella will pop out and give you a zap to the face with a stun gun. After you get your face zapped and getting that electrolysis facial hair treatment you probably never wanted  you’ll wake up in just your tighty whities having no recollection of what the little creep may have done to you.
Protip: Play as Trevor and pop your special the second you get out of the car to survive the stun and shoot the freak in the face, or the balls. Whatever takes your fancy.

2. Rescuing The Getaway Driver

When driving down the Senora Freeway next to Mount Chilliad, the big pile of dirt in the north, you’ll see an overturned car on fire in the middle of the road. The young female driver has been flung from the wreckage and needs help. If you walk towards her on any character you can help her up and give her a ride to a hideout. You would think she would need to get to a hospital but she’s a crook, just like you. The reason this makes the Top 5 list is because the conversation between her and your character is pretty interested and makes the long drive from where she is to Sandy Shores bearable and because she can also be used in heists as a driver after you discover her. And she’s the best and cheapest driver you can get. In the final heist for example she only needs 5% of the take. All that moolah just for you..lah.

3. Bum Deal

Los Santos is a hotbed of violence, crime and generally down and dirty goings on. This Random Encounter is up here because its profitable. Driving along the western mountain road on Mount Chiliad will lead you to a collection of red marks on your map showing enemies. When I say enemies, I mean half dead drug dealers who shot eachother up. You can leave them to die or kill them yourself. If you wait more than 5 seconds to put them out of their misery one will say the guy with the money ran down the hill. Run on down and there’s a dealer at the edge of his mortal coil. Shortly after you see him he pops his clogs and there’s a case sat next to him. Full of $25000 dollars of lovely cashy money. Take it and drive off. Shortly after driving away two gang members chase you. You know what to do here. Shoot them. Done. $25000 for wandering over a path. Better than finding a discarded scratcher.

4. Taking The Bait

This is a pretty simple one but one that catches some people out, myself included. Beneath the Olympic Freeway you hear a woman pleading for help. She says her friend has been hurt and is gushing blood. Running around after her you find her ‘hurt’ friend pointing a gun at you and she joins in. Oh dear, a stick up. Now what do we do. Give them what they want. Or shoot them. Well there’s no way to give them the money they want so pop a cap in their collective asses. This usually gets the cops on your tail but a little hiding or a quick Spray and you’ll be fine.

5. Stock Market Cycling

This final one makes the list for the wad of cash you get for helping this dude out. Driving along Little Big Horn Avenue a little red spot will pop up on your map. Upon taking a leisurely cruise towards the mark you’ll hear a man shouting that some degenerate has stolen his fine bicycle. Don’t let the thief do a Lance Armstrong and go on to take a shedload of drugs and earn millions. Chase after him and run him over or shoot him in the back then jump out and get on the bike. Take it back to the owner and he will say thank you. His kind of thank you is better than most. Instead of giving you $20 or $30 for the trouble he will wire you some shares in his company Animal Ark. Not a small sum either. They are worth $100,000. That’s more than enough for a little work on your shiny bicycle.

Have you done any of the other Random Events in GTA:V? Which was your favourite that I missed out of this Top 5? Let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet @n3rdabl3

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