GRiD 2

GRiD 2

Yesterday Codemasters announced that the much loved Demolition Derby mode found in the original GRiD game has finally made it’s way onto GRiD 2 for Xbox 360 and PC, with PlayStation 3 to follow next week. The free DLC should be available to download, right now.

Often you’re penalised for being aggressive on the track, specifically in GRiD’s Tōge races, but in Destruction Derby there are no rules, it’s finish first, or not at all. When I was a young lad I absolutely loved the Destruction Derby games, so when I saw that GRiD had them, I was over the moon, when I found out GRiD 2 didn’t have them, I was a little saddened.

That’s not the case anymore as Codemasters has released some free DLC which include Demolition Derby races and should be available to download right now for Xbox 360 and Steam. PlayStation 3 folks will have to wait a week.

If you’re yet to play GRiD check out our in-depth review!

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