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GTAV Banshee IRLSo you want to be a Grand Theft Auto V cosplayer huh? Have I got some good news for you…but first, some history.

At the time GTA I was released, it was really uncommon and expensive to license real life items in video games, including vehicles. By the time GTA III came about, Rockstar had certainly gained clout, but for either financial or nostalgia reasons, they decided not to license real vehicles in the first game in the series with a foray into the 3-dimensional open-world universe.

With that decision, Rockstar got creative with the names of vehicles based loosely off real-world designs. It was always a small game for my friends and I to try and guess what car each digital version was based off of. The one that always garnered the most speculation in my group of friends though, was the Banshee. From the very second I first sat my digital ass down in a Banshee in GTA III, I had found my ultimate get away/race/streetwalker pick-up mobile. It was fast, turned relatively well, and with the drop-top in its original design, made drive-by’s a breeze.

Now, you can do everything you did in the game with this car (if you don’t have enough sense to realize I’m joking about that, I’m not sure what to say) in real life. How? By just simply winning the current GameStop Power-up rewards contest here in the U.S. That’s right, you can enter here to try and win the ultimate fanboy toy.

Custom made and valued at nearly $200,000, the truly one of a kind Bravado Banshee can become yours, along with a hefty $70,000 check sitting in the front seat for…well whatever the hell you want. You live Grand Theft Auto now, go nuts.

Ever since its debut as the getaway car in the opening moments of Grand Theft Auto III, the Bravado Banshee has been a symbol of the ultimate American sports car. With its aggressive, oversized styling and powerful engine, it became a mainstay as one of the most sought after high-performance rides from coast to coast – from Liberty City all the way to Los Santos… -Rockstar Games Facebook page

You can check out all the images (including the painstakingly re-created interior) in the gallery below. (Can I just add, whoever wins this, PLEASE let the Top Gear guys take it ’round the track…I mean, you’ll have $70,000 to spend on a vacation to the UK anyway.)

[Source: GTA Facebook Page]

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