A new version of Microsoft’s E3 trailer for Halo has surfaced from Axis Animation, the guys responsible for the original trailer shown at E3, it’s pretty much identical to the E3 trailer except for the ending where it shows Halo 5 instead of just Halo.

Talk surrounding the video suggests that this may have just been a place holder before Microsoft got their hands on it and removed the “5”. We’re unsure at present what exactly the game will be called, but the game is scheduled for a 2014 release. 343 Industries’ Bonnie Ross, said the new instalment will be enhanced by the Xbox One’s cloud computing feature and will allow the game run at a “blistering 60 frames per second”.

The video has since been made private, but you can still view the embedded video right here.

What are your thoughts? Number or no number? Does it make a difference? Leave a comment below!


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