Heeere’s Tommy!

Well, Tommy is…Weird. Awesome. But weird.

I have never read anything (and I mean anything!) like it, and nor, I assure you, have you! “Yeah, sure” you think. Well. Tell me, have you ever read a comic about a child’s imaginary serial killer rabbit? No, I thought not. Neither had I. But I loved it!

It really is messed up! But I can’t help but love it for it! To give you a brief (terrifying) glimpse into Tommy read on. Jump the break to avoid the spoilers.


So, the story starts with main character Tommy hiding in the closet, trying to escape from ‘something’. Enter absolutely terrifying, walking, talking, psychopath rabbit wearing overalls and a name tag.

Said rabbit grabs Tommy and drags him down the hall to “punish” him. To put it politely, it involves menthol, an index and forefinger, and “icy hot retaliation.” You want to know more? Read it yourself.

Enter mother stage right. She finds Tommy, kneeling in a compromising position over his cute, little, pet bunny, roles reversed, with Tommy about to give rabbit a dose of icy hot retaliation instead.

Punishment ensues. Poor Tommy…I think…


So. Awesome. Weird as hell. Uncomfortable.

But aside from misunderstood children and psycho rabbits, what else has it got?

Well, I’m pretty sure you won’t find anything like it, I was lucky to stumble upon it and had to tell anyone that would listen about it! Seriously, find it!

The story is awesome, I can’t wait to see where issue 2 takes us! The dialogue is both disturbing and eerily feasible; with parents and teachers dismissing the troubled child like the disturbing backstory of a possible serial killer.

The art is clever, a black, white, grey mix of classic cartoon style and vividly realistic movement and expression. The whole thing mashes together in a way that makes your skin crawl in discomfort, whilst the rest of you urges you to turn the page.

If I hadn’t been lucky enough to meet the guys behind this creation I’d be seriously worried about where the idea came from! Lucky for us they’re going to give us lucky folk here at n3rdabl3 an interview, so we can find out more about the idea.

In the meantime it’s worth trying to get your hands on. Even if it’s just so you believe that it exists! I promise you won’t regret it! Well, at least, until you try to cuddle that pet rabbit.

You can find Tommy and the team here,

[Check back soon for an interview with the team behind Tommy. Feel free to send us any questions you might have or just let us know what you think]

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