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Hello and welcome to The Indie Fix, where we take a look at some of the most interesting indie games that may have gone under your radar. Today we are going to look at Proteus, not so much a game but more of a relaxing experience through a strange and musical land. If you’re feeling stressed this may well be the game for you.

You will begin the game opening your eyes in the sea just off the shore of a procedurally generated island. You’ll begin by walking across the water over to the island. The graphics have an interesting pixel-art two and a half-D style to them, which gives the environment a somewhat surreal feel.

There is no running, no control other than walking and looking, although you will move faster downhill than uphill and you can move quite quickly along relatively flat terrain if you come off a mountain. You can climb any mountain, there is nowhere you can’t get as far as I have found, so just take it easy and have a relaxing stroll through a beautiful pixelated world.

But that isn’t what makes Proteus so nice. The great strength of the game and the thing that immerses you in this world is the music and sounds. The music, which is a very nice calm and relaxing tune for most of the game, reacts to the environment and changes depending on where you are. Along with this, almost all of things you will encounter on the island will make some kind of noise, from the xylophone chickens to the bell-ringing frogs, these sounds feed into the world with that little bit of player created chaos that bring the island to life. Some of the objects you will encounter may seem a little bit more on the intimidating side and you may feel they look out of place, but just keep exploring the island. There are secrets to be found, just pay attention to the music and the stars and you will find them.

The game has a day/night cycle and also cycles through seasons, which gives a very different feel, moving through spring, summer, autumn and winter, showing the beauty of all of them, but giving very different tones. The music is key in this and you will notice it complete the scenes as you go through them, but the little details create the most impact, just watch for the little flying letters, whatever they are. You may find yourself more attached to them than you think.

So I would highly recommend picking up Proteus! If you have had a stressful week and need something relaxing to immerse yourself in this is the game for you. You can get it on Steam for a fiver.

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