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Hello and welcome to The Indie Fix, your one-stop shop for indie games that may have gone under your radar! Tonight we shall be looking at a free title from the 7 Day FPS challenge, so get your gun and put on your shades, we’re looking at SUPER HOT.

Super Hot is a short game about time mechanics, specifically bullet time. The difference in this game is that instead of activating bullet time, it is permanently turned on and the game only travels at normal speed when you are moving.

As the game says in the first few seconds, ‘TIME MOVES ONLY WHEN YOU MOVE’. You may think that such a change in mechanics may not create anything new in terms of gameplay, you may even think that having unlimited bullet time would be overpowered, but that is not the case here.

In this game you have very limited ammunition, and one shot will kill you. Thus, your only choice is to dodge the bullets. Moving to avoid bullets which also move when you do creates an odd feeling, the overall effect is a split experience. First it feels like a strategy game, you stand still and observe your surroundings, working out where each enemy is, where their bullets are going and how to avoid them. The second is action, this is where you dodge bullets, shoot adversaries and generally look like an action hero.

The great advantage of having the time slow effect be automatic not only makes it feel more natural, but it also restricts and challenges you, creating a situation where you must have a plan for what to do before you begin moving. The switch between planning and movement doesn’t feel jarring in the least, mainly because you control it completely and the act of moving to speed up time just feels natural.

In this game I find myself conducting it like I would an action film: I look at an enemy firing upon me, dodge, turn, shoot several times while in slow motion, then after watching the bullets slowly glide through the air, like majestic polygons of death and destruction, jump to the side as the slow motion stops and the action gets fast. It really feels like a Matrix film to me.

Right now it is free, in more of a demo form than that of a real game, but it is worth playing all the same. the graphics are minimal, although this does allow for some interesting mechanics later on. For example, the enemies are featureless red glowing people, with sunglasses on, and you know when they are about to round a corner because you will see the red glow. This is changed up a bit when you reach a level with pieces of art that emit the same red glow. When you turn the corner you will have some arrangement of the words ‘trolling’, ‘is’ and ‘art’. This is the point at which you get shot in the back. The ending is slightly odd, but I will let you see that for yourself.

The game only takes about 15 minutes to play, however I have played it at least five times already, and the coolness of the scenes you can perform (along with the challenges you can set yourself, such as completing the game without shooting a gun) gives it some replayability. If it were on sale I would pay a few pounds for it, but you can play it for free right now over at the website. It runs in your browser with Unity, so make sure you have a browser that supports it.

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