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iOS 7 is here. Some have waited anxiously and not been able to contain themselves, others have just accepted its impending arrival and kicked back and waited. I’m part of the latter group of people. Don’t get me wrong though, I’ve been looking forward to it, I think I’ve just been a little busy exploring Los Santos the past couple of days to get excited. Either way it’s here now and it’s time to move into the next generation of Apple’s iOS, so lets get started.

It’s a big update, there’s no doubt about that and it’s taking some getting used for me and many others I believe. It’s also a big commitment, you’re basically changing the look and feel of you iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch. That’s a big thing to iOS 7 Homepeople and I have to say, I like what I see but on the other hand I can see aspects of it that people are maybe not going to enjoy.

iOS 7 summed up would be something along the lines of ‘light and bright’, it doesn’t matter if you have a black background (like the old day, eh?) the apps are just these things of light coming from your phone demanding to be touched. And touch them you will. When yo do open apps the transition is fluid, the app ‘opens’ up onto the screen and there you have it, Twitter or anything else. I really enjoy the fluidity of it though.

An issue which has already (I believe) reared it’s ugly head, is the battery issue which caused dramatic battery loss. This happened with iOS 6 but was fixed with an update. Although this may not be the case, it could just be people using there phones alot and their battery is just draining through excessive use. Imagine that. Whilst on the subject of battery, I’m always told “Close your apps to save battery” and in iOS 6 I did just that, but in iOS 7 it’s a different story. Previously you double tapped the home button then help down on the app and rapidly hit that little ‘x’ to close your apps. So when I tried the same move this time round and it didn’t work I was a little confused. Through some vigorous finger sweeps I found out you sweep upwards on the screen after double tapping that home button and there goes those unwanted open apps.

iOS 7 MomentsNow a huge part (literally) of my iPhone is my photos, from holidays to stupid pictures I’ve got over 5,000 of them and in iOS 7 we have a new thing called ‘Moments’. Which is basically a collection of the photos you took each year, and then once you dive into each year it has a breakdown of location and date. It’s all very neat and organised, which is something I am hopeless at in my life, so when my phone helps out even just a little it’s very appreciated. Thanks iOS 7.

Sliding down from the top of your screen still brings up your Notifications but this time swiping up from the bottom brings up a new task bar, filled with all the useful stuff like controlling brightness and turning on/off airplane mode. You can also quickly play music from here as well as take advantage of the iPhones camera flash to use as a torch, something that required an app before hand*. It’s ideas like this, which aren’t new by any stretch of the imagination but they’re new and useful to us Apple users.

So far I’m enjoying iOS 7, it’s light and bright and makes it seem like you’ve got a brand new phone. It’s a huge overhaul which may take some getting used to for some but I think in the long run it’s going to be a hit. Let me know what your thoughts are on iOS 7 so far in the comments below.


*Rest in Peace to the torch apps that have suffered in this most recent iOS update. I hope some people out there still need you.

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