iPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensor a Thing?

Images have appeared on a Chinese tech site supposedly showing what the packaging for the 5S will look like. What’s getting every-ones iPanties in a twist? The silver ring around the home button.

It used to be that fingerprint sensors were only really seen in spy movies and occasionally an app you downloaded and found fun for a few seconds before realising it has no real use and would never keep your phone safe. Now there’s a very real possibility that you could feel like you work in a government building every time you unlock your iDevice.

Last year Apple spent $356 million on buying security company AuthenTec, among it’s many security solutions of course is the fingerprint sensor, this is where the rumour mill started making bread.

There’s no telling if these images are the real deal, China might just be having a massive “lol” at Apple fans, it is just a silver ring, for now at least until we find out on Tuesday at Apple’s Event.

Nicknames I have come up with so far if China aren’t telling fibs:

  • iSpy
  • iPhone 5Super spy
  • iPhone 5Still just a silver ring

Terrible I know.

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