With the Apple’s press event mere hours away, leaked information is still coming through thick and fast. The latest leak is the iPhone 5S’s manual which points out the usual features found on the iPhone 5 appart from the “Touch ID Sensor” which could almost confirm the rumour of the 5S getting some sort of finger print scanner.

The alleged user manual of the unannounced iPhone 5S points out that Apple’s latest flagship phone will come with a Home Button/Touch ID Sensor which is something that has been rumoured before. Whether the manual is legitimate or not we’ll find out soon enough but for now all we can do is speculate.

If the iPhone 5S does come with said Touch ID Sensor, it could be a new way of securing your iPhone without the need of a passcode. Whether the Touch ID Sensor will be utilised any other way – such as more novelty fingerprint scanners – we’ll have to wait and see.

Keep an eye on n3rdabl3 later this evening when we try and keep on top of all of the announcements that come out of Apples event.

[Source: GSMArena]

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