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I’m shocked to say it. But having a tablet has really chanced my literary life. I have wider access to comics thanks to Comixology and the Kindle bookstore. And now I also have easier access to manga.

So what do I do ?

Go looking for superhero manga of course. It’s like going to a French restaurant and asking for a full English breakfast.

So here’s the what I found of this strange metaphor.

Deep Black: When I first found this one is was the result of one those searches you just have to run. I searched Batman. Looking at the cover I was like; “So it’s a Japanese take on Batman?”. The titular hero is Deep Black, he’s a millionaire with a butler and a young ward (no costume for him yet).

So what’s the twist? The character is gay and in love with the new villain on the scene. He just doesn’t know he’s a bad guy yet.

Hero mask: Usually what I’ve found with most Japanese superheroes is that helmets and full body suits are the norm. Hero Mask broke this tradition.

The main character is a jaded individual who doesn’t have any faith in good. When he was younger had a strange run in with a masked man who had a profound effect on him. On his first day at a new school he upsets a biker gang who then follow him to school and threaten to attack him which results in a girl in his class donning a domino mask and goes out confront them..

Shin Kamen Rider Spirits: Just off the bat and to look cultured I know that Shin means “new” and Kamen means “masked”. This particular manga reminds me a lot of today’s modern comics. The series is almost like a recton and a refresher on the back story of the franchise.

The first issue basically aims to re-tell the story of how the first and second Kamen Rider met but in a more modern manner.

Chōjin Sentai Jetman: Weirdly enough Jetman was the series just before Zyuranger, the series which could have been season 1 of the Power Rangers. The series continues on from where the series ended but is free is any budget drawbacks.

So that’s what I’ve stumbled across so far, if you have an super hero manga recommendations, feel free to let me know in the comments and I’ll check them out!

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