Keiji Inafune has announced the development of Japanese action side-scroller, Mighty No.9, with a view to get fans to lend a helping hand in “shaping aspects of the game’s design” on top of sending in donations.

The Kickstarter project has already managed to hit its target of $900k with 29 days left to spare, so folks are obviously excited to see what the successor to Mega Man can deliver. It’s said to involve “veteran Japanese game creators with extensive experience in the genre,” inclusive of Inafune, and offers supporters the chance to watch every aspect of the game’s creation through blog entries, podcasts, videos and concept art.

Mighty No.9 sees players controlling Beck, the 9th powerful robot in a line of many and the only one to not have been infected by a computer virus which renders targets completely bonkers. Whilst these robots aren’t necessarily evil, the aim of this six-stage platformer is, undoubtedly, to destroy the infected robots before they destroy you… kind of like a robotised, adorable zombie apocalypse with much less blood and pain involved. So, not really like a zombie apocalypse at all. Damn.

1378055177-5Whilst kicking robot booty results in the acquisition of new weapons for Beck, where Mighty No.9 strays from the norm is the lil’ robot’s ability to equip them to himself in place of limbs and such, making the character ever-changeable and engaging on a constant basis. The catalogue of Beck’s robotic prosthetics include magnetic limbs, spring-loaded hands and a tank for a body. Yep. With the project being a Kickstarter, however, such ideas could easily change or be replaced entirely as development continues and as fans submit their suggestions.

On top of awesome body-mods the player can also unlock and improve ‘Mighty Skills’ ranging from double-jumping to destroying everything on the screen. Bit of a leap, there, but as aforementioned a lot of these ideas could still be fiddled with.

Inafune confirmed that Mighty No.9 will be available for PC first and foremost, both through Steam and DRM-free digital downloads. Home console purchase is also a possibility, with Mac and Linux users facing a potentially indefinite wait to see if enough kind fans will grant developers the ability to fund such endeavours, as per usual.

The game is hoped to be completed and ready for sale by Spring 2015.

[SOURCE: Kickstarter]

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