KickStarter – Nidus Gaming Centre!

Gaming with friends is not unusual, but with online gaming nowadays gaming with friend is you at your home and your friend at theirs. It’s hardly gaming with friends, but with Nidus Gaming Centre friends can play their favourite games in a safe and secure location where you can enjoy the company of friends with the added bonus of your favourite games.

Nidus is a safe, cool and unisex gaming hub in Newcastle for video, board and alt games. We offer contests, gamejams and food/drink.

KickStarter – Nidus Gaming Centre! - n3rdabl3
May not be representative of finished product

The fun is not just for us video game fanatics, board game and table top-top game enthusiasts can enjoy the facility that Nidus will have to offer too. The idea of Nidus was conceived when three friends would take time out of their working week to play a board game or compete in a video game or two. And when the feeling to enjoy this more often grew the team decided to come up with a plan, a plan to provide like minded gamers a hub to enjoy themselves.

And so Nidus was born.

The plan for Nidus is to have open environment ‘designed to promote interaction between customers, be that competitions, cooperative or encouragement’. What I like most about this idea is the fact that it’s going to be a space for like minded people who can just enjoy one and others company.

We are seeking to challenge the stereotype of solitary gaming sessions by making Nidus a space where you are among friends and peers.

I know what your thinking, what sort of equipment can we expect to see? The team at Nidus plan to have several current generation consoles as well as ‘a multitude of high end PCs’. You can expect couches and seats as well as booths for special events and immersive play. The Nidus area will feature a vast library of board games too!

KickStarter – Nidus Gaming Centre! - n3rdabl3
May not be representative of finished product

The Nidus team have made a great point that community is key, focusing on the enjoyment of all. They plan on doing this through weekly events in the form of contests and gamejams with room for expansion in the future. And that’s the brilliant thing with something like Nidus, it’s only the beginning. This thing that we now have in front of us can grow and grow, can build a strong community of players that can enjoy something together. There is nothing that can bring people together more than a shared interest.

At the moment, Nidus is looking for KickStarter backers, and that’s where we come in. It’s based in Newcastle (which is another reason I’ve made this post. You’ve got to help those in your hometown!) but like I’ve said the room for expansion is huge! Which is something Nidus agree with. Backers can get a variety of cool items for backing this project including original works of art, your name on ‘The Wall of Game’ as well as game time at Nidus.

If you want more information or to back this awesome project, you can find everything you’re looking for on their KickStarter page.

Why don’t you leave suggestions for the Nidus team in the comments below as well as your thoughts on this cool idea.

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