The Last of Us
For over 3 months, all whom dare tangle with the immersive, overgrown world of Naughty Dog’s latest theatrical gaming experience, The Last of Us, have been speculating what exactly is to be expected from the seemingly distant DLC packages when they eventually make a much anticipated impact on the PlayStation Online Store… well it seems the wait is just about over with the promise of a breaking announcement this week.
Last of Us & Uncharted 2 Director, Bruce Straley, revealed via twitter that the very first instalment of the 3 guaranteed expansion packages coming our way will be detailed in the upcoming announcement. Whether we can expect the pack to expand the single-player story or widen our possibilities in the increasingly popular multiplayer universe is still debatable, but in a matter of days we can finally reach a solid foundation of what exactly Naughty Dog has in store for us.
With the decline in sales since its release in June, from a bold weekly 484,000+ copies sold at the time of its release, to a significantly smaller total of just under 21,000 as of mid-August, it’s no wonder Naughty Dog are making their plans known and giving the fanbase something to latch on to in the hope that the hordes of the infected don’t chase away the keen and hopeful.
With that said, what could Naughty Dog be preparing to dish out in the not-so-distant future? Will we be diving into an addition to the prestigious storyline or will we see Factions get a much needed expansion? Maps, weapons, characters, chapters… the possibilities keep growing.
It all comes to a head this week; there’s no doubt we all have our own anticipations, join the discussion and leave a reply below to let us know what you’re hoping to see in the upcoming instalments!

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