With some racing games you’ve either got day races, or night races. Some games have tried the transition between day and night but it just doesn’t look that special. In Driveclub it actually looks like they’ve nailed it.

The video above shows a few things; The time of day is accelerated by x60, which is why the video covers from 6pm – 9pm in Chile in just three laps. This is actually an setting that you can choose and adjust before your race. Speaking of adjustments that’s not all you can tweak, before each race you can choose how clear or cloudy the sky is and it will be uniquely generated every time.

The player that you’re watching is Design Director Paul Rustchynksy who’s using a racing wheel in order to play the game, more specifically a Thrustmaster “T80 DRIVECLUB Edition” wheel. And of course he’s playing a version of the game that’s still in development – it’s not finished yet.

If you’ve got a keen eye you’ll also notice the cats eyes on the safety barriers surrounding the track, they reflect light authentically, as does the lights from vehicles, and the interior lights occasionally reflect on the windscreen.

Community Manager Jamie Bradshaw wrote in much more detail about the video as well as pointing out several bugs that I personally didn’t notice on the PlayStation Blog. It’s impressive that they’re willing to point out small mistakes but from what I’ve seen so far this game is going to be absolutely fantastic.

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