Over the past week or so various smaller leaks have been spotted which hint at the imminent release of Android 4.4 (KitKat). First we had Google themselves releasing an official screenshot for the Google Keyboard which featured a Key Lime Pie debug icon as well as white status icons and now we’ve got another leak which also shows the white and grey status icons along with other juicy bits.

A few days ago Google released an update for the Korean Google Keyboard which contained a new screenshot of the keyboard as well as new, cleaner looking status bar icons. It seems that Google are planning on throwing out the blue status icons in favour of grey and white. Along with the cleaner looking icons there was also something else which was pretty interesting, the Android debug icon wasn’t a Jelly Bean as you’d expect, it was in fact a Key Lime Pie which happened to be the internal name for Android 4.4 before the deal with Nestlé.

Google have since removed that screenshot which leads us to believe that we saw something we weren’t supposed to. But a new leak has sprung which also reveals the same white and grey status icons and the Key Lime Pie debug icon. These screens show that the WiFi icon is slightly tweaked, an updated or internal version of the Google Authenticator icon is shown, as well as some log files which show the same information that we believe is for the Nexus 5.


In these log files we can see the board name ‘hammerhead’, as well as the Manufacturer “LGE” and product model “Nexus 5”. The files also show the display resolution which is listed at 1920 x 1080, which matches the earlier leaked FCC documents. The log files also show that the Nexus 5 will support wireless charging.

Finally the files also show the Android build number of Key Lime Pie KRS74H, but there’s a highly likely possibility that Google will change this to KitKat, or at least, we hope..


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