Sometimes I find myself unable to think of a eye catching and engaging way to start my writing. Other times I’m just  to angry or annoyed about the product I’m writing about. Today is the second, more cynical option. If at this point your still reading then allow me to explain further on why a little, rather charming iOS game called Lums, made me once again take up arms again back business practice in mobile games.

Lums is at it’s most basic and core function what some of you might like to label a result of the ‘Angry Birds formal’ and though this would be correct. You soon find that as you push deeper into the game that it’s so much more. Lums is, as I said, rather charming. It has a nice art style and audio backing to make you smile and even puts up the story, if a bit lacking,  into a nice setting. Main part that makes it pretty is the lighting which also acts as the key gameplay element.

lums_01The gameplay of Lums is simple. Tap the Lum to make them jump into a bubble and then drag them around the world. Sloving the puzzle of ‘How do I burn these vampires?’. Think Piggies only more annoying. Each Lum has a different skill. From being able to fly through glass, create light on contact with a surface and much more. It’s a fun little set of characters that you get to play with. Otherwise though that is it for the gameplay. Each level has a set of stars which once collected open the next set of levels and so on. That’s where the fun ends however.

When it comes to mobile games there are a lot of different price models. Some let you try a part of the game before buying the rest. Some have ads and then you have the kind which is were Lums falls into place. This is the annoying case of buying the game, though be it a small price. Then falling into a sense of ‘Oh I just need to collect these in game stars and then I unlock more of the game’ only to then find that the stars only unlock the option to buy the next set of levels. This kind of business model annoys me. Greatly.

Lums-08So with that event in place I did what most people would have done and put the game down. The only factor that made me want to come back were the nukes. Lums way of saying ‘screw this level’ and letting you blow it all up.

Looking at the fact. Lums is a nice game with a good level of challenge to it. The issue is that you will be buying more content to get the full experience in what really, is already on your device when you download. It’s rather annoying.

Still, I’ll give Lums credit. I did enjoy it and it’s worth a look if you can but I can’t forgive the poor business model. Next time, just make it a somewhat larger one off payment. I won’t mind. Honest.

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