Metro: Last Light Tower Pack DLC Out Now

Metro: Last Light Tower Pack DLC Out Now - n3rdabl3

Earlier this week Deep Silver announced the Tower Pack DLC for Metro: Last Light which tasks players with fighting their way up through a heavily guarded tower, which is also a virtual combat simulator, confused? Me too.

The Tower Pack DLC gives players a sort of wave based combat game where each level increases in difficulty and is packed with endless swarms of enemies and horrible nasties.

The Tower Pack will cost just £3.99 and is the second of four add-on content packs to be included in the Metro: Last Light Season Pass, which at £11.99 offers a discount over buying the packs separately, and also includes an additional exclusive weapon, the Abzats.

The Metro: Last Light Tower Pack DLC is available right now on Steam, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3

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