Microsoft Announces World Wide Xbox One Tour

Did you miss out on Eurogamer this year and are still yet to get your hands on the new Xbox Console? Well the Xbox One Tour might provide you with a lucky day! The Xbox team is taking Xbox One on the road, offering you the chance to experience the new generation of gaming before Xbox One launches on Nov. 22.

The World Wide tour will begin tomorrow through to the end of the year visiting over 75 different cities around the world through a series of what the Xbox Team are calling “experiential events”. Two of the said events are the “Area Tour” which will let people throughout the US, Canada, and Europe get hands-on with the Xbox One and the consoles line-up of games including titles like Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3, Crimson Dragon, Max: Curse of the Brotherhood, LocoCycle, and more. The “Test Drive” which will see the Xbox One hit the road and appear in “unexpected places” allowing players to also get hands-on with the console.

The Area One Tour dates are as follows:

  • Philadelphia: 3/10/13 – 6/10/13
  • Paris: 10/10/13 – 13/10/13
  • Toronto: 10/10/13 – 13/10/13
  • Chicago: 17/10/13 – 20/10/13
  • Vienna: 17/10/13 – 20/10/13
  • Atlanta: 24/10/13 – 27/10/13
  • Dallas: 31/10/13 – 3/11/13
  • Berlin: 31/10/13 – 3/11/13
  • Phoenix: 7/11/13 – 10/11/13
  • San Francisco: 14/11/13 – 17/11/13
  • Dublin: 14/11/13 – 17/11/13
  • Los Angeles: 21/11/13
  • London: 21/11/13 – 24/11/13

Keep a close eye out for the Xbox One Test Drive trucks that’ll be making their way across the US, Canada, UK, Germany, and France, as the Xbox Team are cruising the country and appearing at festivals, university campuses, retail centers, and more in search of gamers ready to take the new generation of entertainment for a spin.

The Xbox team will visit over 175 “Test Drive” locations including Boston, Chicago, Arlington, Glendale, Green Bay, Tampa, Minneapolis, Miami, Seattle, Phoenix, Nashville, Denver, Toronto, as well as cities in France, Germany, and England, and many more. For more information on “Test Drive,” go to”

Finally fans will be able to get their hands on the Xbox One at the Milan Games Week (Oct. 25 – 27), Paris Games Week (Oct. 30 – Nov. 3), and Madrid Games Week (Nov. 7 – 10).

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