A few weeks ago Minecraft for Xbox 360 developers 4J Studio’s finally launched  Title Update 12 which featured a bunch of new fixes and animals as well as support for “Mash-up” packs and texture packs, but put them on hold due to licencing issues. It seems those licencing issues have been resolved now they’ve launched the first Mass Effect themed Mash-up Pack which is available to download on September 4!

This Mass Effect franchise themed Mash-up Pack features the Mars Facility from Mass Effect 3, the latest instalment of the Mass Effect franchise, as well as 22 songs from the game’s soundtrack, and finally the DLC pack includes textures, 36 skins, items, and a new Mass Effect themed user interface and menus.

The Mass Effect themed Mash-up pack will be available for around £3 from the Xbox Game Store on September 4.

We’ll keep you posted on any more Mash-up packs from 4J Studios.

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