With Monster Hunter 4 coming right around the corner for Japan on September 14, a lot of sneak peeks have been shown of gameplay but the most special announcements have been the themed costumes and special weapons, here is what has been announced so far.


Teaming up with Dengeki magazine Capcom have brought two new weapons, Thunderworks Hammer and the Blitz Works Hunting Flute followed by the old favourite Voltiac works Gunlance for those thunder based strikes. On that note a small joke made by Capcom is in the title of the quest “To become Electric Blitz Hunters” as Dengakis name translates to Electric Blitz. Thunder weapons will be available as DLC for March 2014.

MH4_Zelda_008_thumbNext up Link makes a small cameo appearance in the Monster Hunter through weapons and costume. Hunters male and female will be able to don the infamous green tunic whilst swinging the Master Sword and Hyrule Shield, perfect for those moments of cosplay. And for those that favour long ranged attacking need not worry for you can still look the part with Link’s bow and arrows. The costume set has yet to be given a release date unfortunately.

mario_luigi_felyne_002_thumbFinally, after much brainstorming, Nintendos famous duo Mario and Luigi have managed to make a brief cameo as adorable little outfits for your Felyne partners, now who could leave those little guys with nothing?

Apparently the costumes will be available at 7/11 stores all across Japan, I’m making a small guess we won’t receive this at all or it will be available as DLC later on, but don’t take my word for it.


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