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This month I was spoilt for choice when it came to what apps have been receiving the majority of my time, I’ve come across a few gems this month but I’ve slimmed it down to just 3.

Dots - A Game About Connecting1) Dots

Back in May Ollie wrote about Dots but it didn’t come to Android until August so I’ve spent an entire month connecting dots, oh and connecting dots! That really is all there is to this game connecting bright coloured dots with dots of the same colour in the longest chain possible over 60 seconds.

There’s an alternative game mode where you are limited to 30 moves and for a limited time a Gravity game mode was introduced so keep an eye on on any new additions to the main menu. It’s ridiculously addictive and beautifully simple, my top score is 260 and I’ve earned 18 out of 30 trophies, I’m currently beating Mr N3 who is sitting on a score of 243.

Dots is free to play and available on iOS and Android

2) Gear Jack


This is probably the game that has frustrated me the most but the kind of frustration where you don’t walk away you just keep going and swearing and angrily pressing your phone until you could quiet possibly pop with rage, yeah that frustration.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve killed Jack, I don’t think I’ve successfully completed a level other than the tutorial without Jack dying, thankfully he’s a robot and’s a game.  Gear jack is level after level of running, jumping, rolling, avoiding pools of acid and falling gears.

Being able to slow down time and upgrade Jacks various abilities does help but what would help me more is a quicker reaction time between brain and mashing at phone screen.

I bought Gear Jack in the Indie Mega Sale on Google Play, it’s currently available on Android and iOS for £0.64 and £0.69 respectively.

Monsters Ate My Combo3) Monsters Ate My Condo

I fell in love with this game last year after spending 2 hours playing it in one go, this being the most time I’ve consecutively spent on any app ever. For anyone that hasn’t lost hours upon hours to this game yet here’s how it works – coloured condos fall into a tower while monsters of the same colour sit either side and these monsters become angry if you don’t feed them their colour condo.

At the same time the monsters have special abilities that will give you different perks for different amounts of time depending on whether you feed them a bronze, silver, gold or diamond special condo.  You make these special condos by matching 3 or more of the same colour condo by removing other colours.

As more condos come down, you can feed the monsters a certain amount of condos that don’t match their colour before they get angry. Matching 3 or more condos will remove that colour monster and swap it with another coloured monster. I like the green guy for racking up my points and the blue guy for straightening up my tower when it’s all gone a little wonky.

As with any Adult Swim game it’s full of humour and is easy on the eye to play, it’s probably not a game to be taken too seriously but I do and I refuse to play it on a smaller screen opting for the kindle instead.

MAMC is available on iOS for £0.69 and Android for £0.64

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Ollie Colton

Love a bit of dots! I’m currently sitting on a 272 Best Score, keep up!

Aaron Richardson

I tried and failed miserably. I can’t keep up with you go young’ns and your dots.

Ollie Colton

Sorry, I forgot you were 70…