capcom-logo1 Capcom have announced to the world that they will be bringing a live stream directly down your bandwidth to your eyes with a new announcement. On the stream a new game announcement will be thrown into the waiting arms of fans from the Tokyo Gameshow. According to the schedule, originally reported and put online by Gematsu, this new release will be directed by the one and only Hideaki Itsuno, most recently known for his work on Dragon’s Dogma but who has also worked on the Capcom inhouse Devil May Cry games to critical acclaim and respect from his peers. Capcom has released a schedule on its website, which includes showing titles Strider and Gaist Crusher amongst others. The new title will be unveiled at 11:40 a.m. Japan Standard Time on Sunday, so Saturday evening at 10:40pm for our American Eastern Time brethren and 3:40am for those of us in the United Kingdom [Source: IGN]

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